AFHG Volume Three

Crow Swords:  

AFHG Volume Two

Escape-O-Rama: Head south along the west side, but head east just before you get to the bottom.

Findies: GUN begins row 4, column 4 and moves diagonally; SENTENCE begins row 2, column 14 and moves down; CUFFS begins row 7, column 6 and moves right; KEY begins row 9, column 4 and moves right; DEPUTY begins row 6, column 16 and moves down; PERP begins row 1, column 13 and moves right; FEUD begins row 1, column 8 and moves diagonally; STRANGER begins row 3, column 2 and moves down; ARREST begins row 11, column 8 and moves right.

AFHG Volume One

Scrumbles: CONDO, KISMET, HUCKLE, COMMON, The painter, often too absorbed in her work to notice the rapping of visitors, kept a note posted on her front door that read, "Knock loud, I'm home."

Cryptoclue: One must live to build one's house, and not build one's house to live in.